depends on the context, PECT is the acronym for

Public Engagement Content Technology
Public Experience Content Technology
Personal Experience Content Technology
Personal Enlightenment Content Technology
Patient Experience Content Technology
Public Education Content Technology

Depends on the targeted audience, the term Public or Personal describes here could be customer, client, visitor, user, social, and etc.

How did the acronym PECT come about?

Since the inception of the first corporate gallery project in the early 2000s, I have been searching for a term to describe the work that involve working with multidisciplinary teams that focus on collaboration; balancing of space, object, and information, and integration of technology to ensure client’s messages are delivered to their desired audience in a dynamic and meaningful way.

I did come across terminology such as, multimedia, digital media, digital signage, and exhibition design. But to me, they are just too specific and doesn’t deliver the holistic meaning to this distinctly unique field that involves an integrative process that bringing together specialists in the field of architecture, interior design, electronics and digital media, lighting, audio, programmers, user interface engineers, user interaction designer, database engineers, network engineers, hardware engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects, mathematicians, CG Animators, web designers, graphic designers, artists, editors and many other disciplines for making user engagement and experience.

Looking from the communication perspective, designer of various design disciplines are, in fact, the master of storytelling. They master the craft of storytelling in their various fields and their works are actually content that delivery their message. And together with the integration of technology in their work, this unique field that I am talking about is taking shape, although still remain ambiguous. The acronym, P.E.C.T. is completed, when the work is designed for the purpose of engagement and experience of targeted audiences.

In short, PECT – is about Contents Technologies Integration for

Public Engagement ; Public Experience; Customer Experience; Customer Engagement; Social Interaction.

By-the-way, technology is the last thing that I wanted to look at during my ideation stage, because…

“Technology should flow from the purpose and experience we wish to create”


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